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Therapeutic yoga is an application of yogic activities, principles, and methods to cure various ailments of human beings. Yoga is evidently therapeutic. It is therapeutic in nature. So, for the treatment purpose a concept called “Therapeutic Yoga” has been evolved. Therapeutic Yoga is a combination of gentle yoga, restorative yoga, pranayama, chakra activation, and meditation. It has widely been used in modern days. The importance of “Therapeutic Yoga” has been heightened day by day since it is a natural method of keeping the body healthy without any use of drugs, also without any side effects.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is the universal form of practice while therapeutic yoga is a portion taken from the yogic world in order to apply to heal the ailments. Therapeutic yoga is the selection of specific asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation top cure a particular disease. For example- a patient of high blood pressure should avoid inverted asanas; but asanas like Janu-sirasana, baddha-konasana, etc. are helpful to heal high BP. Thus in Therapeutic Yoga, patients are taught according to their diseases and personality.  

What Kinds Of Disease Are Cured By Therapeutic Yoga?

 Yoga increases the immune power of the body which directly or indirectly to heal any types of diseases. There are some diseases on which yoga directly helps to cure:

1)        Cancer

2)        Anxiety                                                

2)       Arthritis

3)       Asthma

4)       Athletic injuries

5)       Back pain

6)       Blood pressure (High and low)

7)       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

8)       Depression

9)       A headache

10)   Heart disease

11)   Hip pain

12)   HIV positive /AIDS

13)   Infertility

14)   Insomnia

15)   Menstrual disorders and female problems Migraines

16)   Musculoskeletal pain

17)   Osteoporosis

18)   Post-Cancer Effects

19)   Post Traumatic Syndrome

20)   Psychological disorders

21)   Sciatica

22)   Shoulder injury

23)   Somatic dysfunctions

24)   Sinusitis

25)   Stress

26)   Tension

How Does Yoga Therapy Work in Different Diseases?

Ancient scriptures have been acclaimed yoga with its healing and therapeutic properties. Only after the scientific experiment, yoga therapy has gained momentum as a separate therapeutic science and a discipline recognized by medical research. Here are the fundamental maxims of therapeutic yoga:

1. Specific Needs And Overall Health

Therapeutic yoga concentrates on distinct and personal needs. It readily works on methods to cure and restore the conditions, ailments or injury. On the other hand, regular yoga is wider and transcends the whole being, complete health. But therapeutic yoga especially targets healing the particular illness

2. The Preventive And Curative Approach Of Yoga

`Therapeutic yoga has twofold outlooks – prevention and curation (restoration). It succors in healing from physical and mental sufferings. After healing, it prevents it from belimping again. To do so requires a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. Deep knowledge of yoga and its techniques are also necessary. Thus, it is necessary to consult a yoga therapist for this. Since therapeutic yoga requires individual attention, therapists hold very small group classes or private sessions.

3. Yoga Scripture and Philosophy

Yoga philosophy states-humans consist of an integrated body-mind-spirit system. This must be in harmony and balance for complete health and well-being. So, yoga applies to therapy for optimum and overall health, where asana (yoga postures) for the body, pranayama for the internal systems and concentration, meditation and energy work for the mind and subtle health.

4. Physiological System

Yoga philosophy refers that every disease is caused due to some kind of barrier in the inner energy system of the body. Yoga enhances the flow of prana (vital energy) in the body system clearing the blockages by stimulating the nadis.

5. Psychological System:

Our psyche is to be expanding along different centers (called chakras) of the body like the energy. There are seven chakras. Each chakra is linked to the gland, nerves, various organs, and many different psychical attributes. The blockages in these chakras cause corporal and psychological deformation. By activating, purifying the dormant chakras, these obstacles can be removed. Therapeutic yoga can treat various physical and psychosomatic problems through asanas, breaths, and meditation.

6. Awareness:

Yoga brings self-knowledge with understanding the mind, body, and spirit including the practice of awareness. The practice of meditation and mindfulness help recognize the errors strictly in the body and how to be free from it completely.

7. Therapeutic Yoga Sessions:

There is no exclusive set of yoga asanas for therapy. On the basis of personality and diseases, therapeutic yoga varies. Some people use yoga stuff like pillows, blocks, etc and yin yoga therapy while some include more meditation and some use energy work.

Therapeutic yoga encompasses the wisdom that is thousands of year old and providing health for many years.

Benefits Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is an ideal treatment as it has no any side effects. Yoga therapy improves overall systems of the body and uplifts the human personality. It is an appropriate and natural method to heal the ailments and provide holistic health. There are no other natural methods like that of yoga to heal the diseases. It not only heals the diseases and prevents from it but also helps in physical, mental and spiritual development. Thus, the use yoga therapy has become more popular.

How Does Yoga Heal The Following Bodies?

1. Effects Of Yoga To Heal The Physical Body

Yoga corrects the skeletal and muscular system of the body directly. It helps to give stretch and flexibility to the body. Yoga recharges and energizes the body which enhances physical activity and enthusiasm. Various systems and organs are influenced by yoga to bring them at the harmonious level. Yoga brings the entire system and organs at proper co-ordination and eliminates the root of the diseases.

2. Effects of Yoga To Heal The Mental Body:  

Every problem is hidden in the mind. Every problem begins from the mind. Yoga cleanses the entire mental process and thinking patterns. The mind becomes positive with the practice of yoga due to the flow of sufficient oxygen, awareness practice, etc. It is found in research that immunity is directly proportional to the types of thoughts and mentality. Positive mindset ameliorates immunity where negative mentality decreases immune power and destroy health.

3. Effects of Yoga To Heal The Emotional Body

Emotions are the strongest part of personality and life. It has a broad role in diseases. It has a direct link to hormones. Though the mental body has also some effects on hormones, it has some more effects on hormones than that of the mental body. Yoga helps to control and manage emotions. With the control of emotions anxiety, stress, tension, frustration, depression, etc. can never attack. Yoga enhances emotional intelligence which helps to control life and manage both mind and body.

4. Effects Of Yoga To Heal The Pranic (Energy) Body 

Yoga itself is a practice of energy enhancement. It promotes the vital energy. The practice of different techniques of yoga like asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation, etc. raises the energy level. It helps to flow the subtle energy throughout the body and awakens the dormant energy. A disease occurs on that part where there is no energy. Yogic activities passe the energy on all the parts of the body which eradicates the diseases.

Yoga Therapy at Nepal Ayurveda Home

Nepal Ayurveda Home has been offering therapeutic yoga in Kathmandu for all the people of the world. With the help of highly experienced ayurvedic doctors and yoga teachers, it offers varieties of courses on yoga therapy. It has been working in both aspects of Therapeutic Yoga- Curative approach and teaching approach. The classes are on a scientific basis and principles which are internationally certified. You can join Nepal Ayurveda Home to cure your ailments as well as to be a therapeutic yoga teacher.     

What Courses Does Nepal Ayurveda Home Offer For Yoga Therapy?

Nepal Ayurveda Home offers all types of courses regarding yoga therapy. The followings are the courses conducted at Nepal Ayurveda Home:

  • Massage Therapy as per the disease
  • Spa
  • Acupressure
  • Healing through Ayurvedic food
  • Sirodhara
  • Steam Bath
  • Yogic Cleansing

Why Nepal Ayurveda Home is Best For The Therapeutic Approach Of Yoga?

Nepal Ayurveda Home is one of the best centers for yoga therapy due to following reasons:

  • Therapeutic Yoga Teachers of Nepal Ayurveda Home are highly experienced in healing the diseases and teaching yoga therapy. They have been offering the courses for a long time for the people of various countries.
  • Nepal Ayurveda Home consists of all types of facilities regarding natural therapy.
  • It is located in a peaceful and beautiful environment, at the heart of the Kathmandu valley
  • High-level cozy accommodation.
  • You can enjoy here natural, hygienic, nutritious and ayurvedic food as well as varieties of drink with ayurvedic components.
  • It provides therapy for all types of diseases
  • Nepal Ayurveda Home provides all types of therapy regarding ayurvedic and yogic treatment.
  • Nepal Ayurveda Home provides a “Certified course on Yoga Therapy Teachers Training course”.