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Buddha is a well-known figure in the world of spirituality. His teaching is based on non-violence and peace. He is the messenger of peace in the world. Buddha gave a new dimension in the field of spirituality. Buddha reminded us that all the people of the world have the potentiality to be enlightened. He focused on the factor that we have to contribute to our spiritual path. Buddha had given the real path being free from the materialistic world. First of all, Buddha stated about the four noble truths. At the end of the four noble truths, he gave the eightfold path to be free from the desires, to be enlightened.

Buddha Emphasized The 4 Noble Truths Which Are The Reality Of Our Life.

  1. There is suffering in life: The inseparable part of our life is suffering. We have born with suffering. We have to be in suffering in our life until and unless we don’t get enlightened in our life. Buddha focused on the fact that life can’t imagine without suffering.
  2. There is the reason behind suffering: Buddha’s teaching always clarifies the reason for everything and the solution for every reason. The main cause of suffering is desire. How much we get in our life, we want more and more. The chain of gaining will not over. There are unlimited desires in the human mind. The human can’t be satisfied with the worldly affairs, world’s achievement. There are limited resources to fulfil our desires but we have unlimited desires so the available resources can’t fulfill our desires. The nature of desire is like a pot where we can’t put anything because it doesn’t have the lower part so from where everything can fall.
  3. There is the way to be free from the suffering: There is the way to be free from the suffering. Buddha’s teaching is very scientific because he raised the hypothesis that there is suffering in this world and at the end, he gave the exact solution of the hypothesis. Now, we have the hope that we can be free from all the sufferings of the world.
  4. The way of the freedom of the suffering is eightfold path: If we practice the eightfold path, we can be free and get the liberation from the suffering of the world.
  5. The eightfold path is the eight types of truth. Truth is the main weapon which can help us to win the race of life. Actually, there is no race in life but the path to walk, to follow, to go. If we follow the path of the truth, we can reach the destination of getting salvation.

Noble Eightfold Path Is As Follows:

  • Right View: View means attitude. We have to see anything that that thing is real. In a simple way, we see what we want to see. We don’t have to judge anything by our perspective. We think that death is the end of our life, which is the main cause of fear in our life. Fear creates suffering. We have to know everything in their real existence.
  • Right Resolution: This is the second step of the eightfold path. In this step, we take the right resolution of our mental development. We take firm determination to love all the being of the world. We focus on being polite to others and to be sincere when we behave with others.
  • Right Speech: We have to speak the truth all the time. Speaking truth can lead us to a higher level in the path of liberation. If there is something harmful matter to others, we don’t have to speak. We don’t have to speak the false because false is not the way of liberation. False is not part of the higher source.
  • Right Action: We don’t have to perform the action that is not right. We have to analyze whether it is right or not before we do anything. We don’t have to harm others by our action. We don’t have to suffer others by our action.
  • Right Livelihood: We have to live with the minimal things that we need to live. We don’t have to collect more than we need. We don’t have to do the profession, which is the harm to others.
  • Right Effort: We have to try to change our habits or we have to try to be better and better. We have to be able to change our overall factors of life from negative to positive. We have to be bold to be better.
  • Right Mindfulness: We have to try to be aware of every moment. We don’t have to lose the awareness because the awareness can lead us to the higher source. We have to be guided by real knowledge rather than false knowledge. We have to develop our mind to accept a higher source of knowledge.
  • Right Concentration or Meditation: We have to practice the meditation of four types. To unite our self to the higher source, we have to practice the meditation. In this state, we are free from the ego. We are able to understand the natural state of our life. The flow of life can be seen in this state.