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Overview – Garland Pose (Malasana)

Mala means garland and Asana means pose in the Sanskrit language, therefore, Malasana is called Garland pose in English. When we do this yoga our hands make the shape of garland. This yoga falls in the simple Hatha yoga.

The Processes of Garland Pose:

  • At first phase, you have to put your feet near making some distance by your heel.
  • Stretch your thighs and make them wider than our body size.
  • You have to breathe our and manage your torso (body part) between your two thighs.
  • Make Namaste pose with your two hands putting your palms together. Set your elbows on the thighs and stretch your body.
  • Make gentle pressure your inner part of thighs towards your body.
  • Stretch your arms and stay in this pose for 1 minute. During this pose, you have to breathe in and out in a regular way.

5 Benefits of Garland Pose

  • Garland pose to strengthen your thighs, and arms, digestive system and spine.
  • This pose makes flexible your, knees and ankles.
  • Increase your metabolism.
  • This yoga helps us to make hips joints and pelvic health.
  • This yoga improves your digestive system.

Avoid this Pose

If you have some problem in your knees and you are suffering from lower back pain, you don’t have to do this yoga.