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How To Turn Your Mental Illness To Positive Transformation In Life

Mental illness is not a new term in the world. Mental illness had existed since the existence of humankind. However, in past, we did not know what exactly it was, and it was called various things like a curse, bewitched, wrath of gods, etc. Now we know better what mental illness is after the beginning of modern civilization and the advancement of science. Mental illness is more of a challenge more than ever.

The mental state is the capacity of the mind to functionally and rationally at a given state of time. While mental health is the thorough examination of the mental state of an individual over a certain period. Mental health is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. People can be completely healthy physically top to bottom without any injury however still cannot function properly in their lives if they are not mentally intact. Our mind is the organ that governs all the parts of our body. However, if the mind is not in the right state other parts also cannot function properly. 

People due to lack of awareness or due to the fear of getting judged by the ones around them shy at describing the mental problems they are facing. This is the real issue to be addressed at present time. People can easily describe and communicate with others regarding the problems in other parts of the body.

But they go silent when it comes to their mind. People treat it as if the mind is not a human organ, and it is sin to have problems in it. What people need to understand is that the mind is also a part of our body and like all the parts of the body it can also get ill and needs treatment. People need to accept such things and take a step for transformation in life.

Stress might be cause of mental illness and disorders

Stress is the most basic thing which later gives birth to mental illness and disorders. It is the annoying and ever-present thing that may if not checked hinders transformation in life. Every human alive in this world have stress in their lives. While the cause of the stress may differ from person to person, the endpoint is that there is stress. It is a quite common thing to have stress, and a little bit of stress can be never gotten rid of no matter how luxurious and easy one’s life becomes. Stress on a certain level is ok.

The real problem begins when the stress passes a certain level. If the limit is crossed, then stress becomes the roadblock for the transformation in life. It all begins with a little bit of stress, then after some time stress becomes a part of life. Stress always makes the mind overworked resulting in fatigue and tiredness. The various age groups people have distinct reasons for stress.

The adult is primarily stressed over work, own economic condition, and family, While the reason for the strain on teenagers someone they like, self-judgment, study. While the cause of strain may differ from person to person some people of the same age groups can be generalized to some level. Stress acts as a gateway to mental issues and sure is to hamper transformation in life.

Anxiety – cause of mental illness

Anxiety is another major factor in mental illness and positive transformation in life. Anxiety can be the product of overthinking and extremes stress in some cases. Anxiety is a state where an individual becomes nervous, fearful, very worrying, and uneasy about a situation that is about to happen.

Anxiety like stress is also partly about our lives. It is very normal to be anxious about important things or a little bit afraid about the uncertainty in some events. It is a defense mechanism that our mind developed to make our mind more careful, prepared in dangerous situations and big events to minimize the chances of error.

The problem arises when one experiences too much anxiety. When that starts to happen, that mind starts making them nervous in minor, and not threatening things also. Due to severe anxiety, people get too nervous and scared to go to college or schools, go out in public, meet new people. The events that were supposed to be the everyday activities of lives become too much to handle. This way anxiety becomes an everyday part of life and stops transformation in life.

Sleeping disorder

Sleep is the time when our body enters the phase of rest. During this time, we become unconscious, and the body gets the proper rest to function normally in life. Sleep is the basic need of humans, and no one can live without it. Balanced sleep is one of the most crucial elements needed if one is aiming at the transformation in life.

Science says that sleep is also the time where our mind becomes most active and creative. It is hard to believe but our mind indeed becomes more active during sleep. Some great scientists and musicians have confessed that they got their idea of music, formula, and experiments during their sleep. 

Sleep has so much impact on our lives. It is a major factor in transformation in life. However, the problem starts when people develop a sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorder is a condition where people cannot go to sleep like Insomnia, or they have an extremely challenging time getting a night of proper sleep or have a very irregular sleeping habit. Lack of sleep and unable to sleep is the cause of various mental illness and disorders. Stress and anxiety along with other factors also aid in the sleeping disorder. 

People who are facing a sleeping disorder should immediately seek help as it can cause severe problems in the future. 

Balance sleep contributes in more than one way to invoke transformation in life. It provides proper rest to the body, proper metabolization of the food, healing, and enhancing mental health resulting in a completely healthy body.

These things hinder and obstruct your way towards positive transformation in life. However, to overcome this one can do many things and make way for positive transformation in life.

Following techniquess help for positive transformation in life

Yoga Classes

Yoga is the set of postures that are performed for some or specific benefits mostly physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga meditation are known to introduce positive vibes into the life of the practitioner. The techniques have been practiced for hundreds of yes and are most likely to work. Practicing regular yoga will boost your confidence, induce better sleep, and relives the mental stress within you. These things will act as the pillars of transformation in life towards a positive beginning. 

Yoga is a very vast field and is ever-growing. Due to the popularity of yoga in the past century, it was permeated into various parts of the world. Due to which various studies, research was done on it. At the same time, it was improvised and reassembled in specific sets. The gurus and swamis have assembled specific sets, practices, postures that directly are for easing mental illness. They help to get rid of the base of the mental illness and leap towards better transformation in life.

Practice of Meditation

Meditation is the process of making still the body and focusing on mentality and spirituality. Meditation is another vital element of transformation in life for defeating mental illness. Meditation is also another technique that has been ever-present from ancient times. In ancient times demigods, sages, or even ordinary people performed meditation to seek to enlighten and cosmic knowledge. Even Lord Shiva of Hindu mythology is also seen to be doing meditation all the time. They used to perform meditation for many years without distraction to achieve what they desired.

The fun part is that we do not need to do meditation for that much time to bring a positive transformation in life. Ranging from few minutes to an hour if they can, once a day is enough for us. We can perform meditation without hindering any other activities in our daily lives. 

The goal of meditation is to restrain yourself from physical activities and focus your concentration on mentality and spirituality. During this process making only the body calm is not enough one needs to make their mind calm. Make mind as much calm and steady, however, if that is not possible one can use some mantra or chanting word to focus their concentration.

Meditation invokes the sensation of peace, reduces stress, increases the efficiency of the mind, and helps the one practicing it goes forward for the transformation in life.

Positive attitude

It is a popular saying that it does not happen to you that matters but your attitude towards it. Life is hard for all some very much less than others, but it is hard. Everyone must struggle to keep what they have and to be in the position they are in, it is the truth of the world. Sometimes sad things happen, sometimes the loved one leaf, sometimes things get so out of control when it settles down everything changes forever. These things may not happen to all but there are many people to whom all of these happens.

The unfortunate events sometimes take a heap mental toll on the people and even give them mental illness. However, there are some who through a positive attitude in life and optimists get out of that hole and move towards transformation in life. This will not be easy, but they will get the courage to go through them.

New beginning

Past is our collection of memories. Past has some of the most wonderful memories while some people’s past may be filled with many tragedies. Another cause of mental illness is people’s too much attachment to past tragedies. People become so attached that they forget that it had already happened and now they must live in the present. Some situations are worse, and some are unlucky enough to go through them. They cannot do anything at this point. Nothing can be fixed; nothing can be forgotten.

The only thing they can do is either be stuck and haunted by them or move on. To leave all the pain and suffering in the past and move forward. Yes, we must try to fix something and if that can be fixed it is good. However, if something cannot be fixed and is costing you your mental health and peace then it is time to move on. Leaving the suffering into the past where it belongs and going towards the transformation in life.

Get help

Mental illness and mental health are delicate issues. There is a point where you can help yourself, try different things, apply various remedies. Sometimes or for someone it works which is good. Being conscious about your mental status and moving towards transformation in life is exceptionally good if you can do that. However, there is a point from which you need to seek help from others. First, try to help yourself, then research about it, try out different activities, and even if that does not work seek out help from others.

Mental illness begins as a small thing. At first, it seems like nothing, however in the time it gets big and if not handled with delicacy there may not be a way back. There is nothing wrong to be open about your mental health to your loved one. Sometimes seeking help from your loved ones is the way to move for transformation in life. It may seem difficult at the time but after some time when you look back, it will be one of the best decisions you have made in your life.