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Kundalini Practice For Navel Chakra

Kundalini is the divine energy that exists within us. It is said that it is the most potent form of energy that exists within human beings, which acts as the source of energy for the entire body. We practice kundalini practice for navel chakra in a sequence. At first, we begin our kundalini practice for the navel chakra by warm-up yoga asanas,

Chakra warm-up Yoga asanas

To begin kundalini practice for navel yoga asana we begin with simple yet effective steps. First, we need to awaken the Chakra. The Chakra must be awakened gently using simple and flowing steps. There are many postures and poses for awakening chakra gently

Chakra warming and cleansing pranayama

Pranayama is the process of manipulating the wind element in the body. The wind is in most of the parts of our body and with balanced manipulation of the wind element in the body one can achieve many things. for kundalini practice of Navel chakra, one also has to perform chakra awakening pranayama. Kapalbhati is one of the most popular methods of Pranayama for navel chakra warming pranayama. This not only gently awakens navel charka but also purifies the chakra through its energy purifying properties.

Beej Mantra for kundalini practice for navel chakra

Ram (Rum) is the Beej Mantra for Kundalini practice of Navel chakra. After concentrating your mind and being in the yogic position when one chants this mantra their navel chakra or the solar plex chakra gets activated as well as it gets energized. There are various mantras for awakening various chakras and Ram (Rum) is the Beej Mantra for Kundalini practice for navel chakra.

Charging and relaxing by kundalini practice of navel chakra

First, maintain a semi-dark environment, and fold the legs into the position of Sukh asana. Then clasp the hands outside of the navel chakra.

The breath should be slow. Now, begins the most crucial step where one imagines golden Pranik energy getting down from the head portion of the body to the lower part of the body. The cross feet of Sukh asana do not let the golden energy exit the body and Pranik energy gets stored in the lower part of the body. 

Now in the next step bring the energy that gets stopped at the lower part of the body to the navel region and imagine the energy getting rotated in the clockwise direction. 

Then start making the clockwise moment of the energy at the navel region. This should be done as much as the practitioner can. Also, while exhaling during the movement of energy one needs to concentrate on the developed internal heat during this practice. This exercise should be done for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Chakra meditation kundalini practice of navel chakra

To perform this meditation, one needs to first be in a comfortable position. Then close your eyes and first relax your mind and body. For chakra meditation of the navel, chakra one needs to imagine a white moon extending from the knee’s region to the navel region of the body. Also, one can repeat continuously the water element mantra Vam to calm the naval chakra.

Mudras for Kundalini practice of navel chakra

While practicing these kundalini practices for navel chakra one needs to imagine bright yellow light entering the abdomen and with the passing of energy, the abdomen glowing in the golden light. Also, one needs to concentrate on one’s breathing and make it relax. These steps should be crucially followed to practice mudras for Kundalini practice of navel chakra.

The first is Manipura chakra mudra,

This should be performed at a time duration of 5 to 30 minutes where 5 minutes is the minimum and 30 minutes is the maximum amount of time. This mudra can be even twice a day, if one wants, they can do one in the morning and one in the evening.

The second is Rudra Mudra,

This is also called the Mudra of lord Shiva. The duration for this mudra is 5 to 40 minutes where 5 is the minimum minutes the Mudra needs to be done and 40 is the maximum number of numbers. This mudra is very beneficial to those who are aiming for reduction of body weight and those individuals can even perform this mudra 4 times a day. 

Inactive and overactive naval chakra

The navel chakra is one of the most important energy powerhouses of the body. We learned that the Kundalini practice for navel chakra can make this region more powerful and active. However, chakra not only can be inactive but also can be overactive which is also not good for body and comes with its own set of disadvantages. It always needs to be performed in balance.

The closing process for kundalini practice for Navel chakra

As the opening process of Kundalini practice for Navel chakra was calm and slow the closing practice also needs to be slow and calm. With slow breathing techniques of Pranayama and gentle body movement, one can close the kundalini practice.