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Kundalini Practice For Sacral Chakra

There are a total of seven chakras in the human body and each of them is located in a unique place and has its unique function in the body. The sacral chakra is located below the navel chakra and above the root chakra. The sacral chakra is linked to creative energy as well as our sexual energy. Kundalini practice For sacral chakra is done to enhance creative thinking as well as sexual energy. 

Chakra warming yoga asanas of kundalini practice For sacral chakra

Chakras are the spiral energy sources that are located in our bodies. There are various yoga techniques and methods that help to channel this powerhouse and make the body healthy and strong. Before we get into the core part of the chakra exercise one needs to warm their chakra. Chakras are delicate energy centers that when disturbed have tremendous effects on the body.

SO, they need to be awakened very carefully. Meditation while focusing on the respective chakra points is a way to warmly awaken the chakra. Also, light yoga poses like goddess pose, and reverse warrior pose are some yoga asanas of kundalini practice For sacral chakra.

Chakra warmup and cleansing pranayama of kundalini practice For sacral chakra

Pranayama is the yogic process of using the air element for healing as well as performance-enhancing methods. There are various techniques of pranayama that have various functions in the body. From increasing energy in the body to maintaining good digestion and bowel movement, and balancing the chakra points of the body Pranayama can do anything and the only limitation is what you want to do with this multipurpose technique.

For root chakra balancing, warmup, and cleansing Ujjayi breath of pranayama yoga can be used. This will make sacral chakra more active, and efficient as well as remove all the problems that are caused by unbalanced chakra in the body

Beej mantra of kundalini practice For sacral chakra

Mantras are sounds with special properties. The amazing thing about the mantra is that from one word to many verses, all can be the mantra. However, the Beej mantra is special and is very terse just like a seed small but very potent and amazing. All mantras are derived from the Beej mantra. There are mantras of the chakra also and they too are derived from the Beej mantra.

The Beej mantra of kundalini practice For sacral chakra is VAM. When VAM is chanted the energy flow in the sacral chakra is tuned to the positive side and the disturbed sacral chakra can be balanced.

Chakra strengthening of kundalini practice For sacral chakra

There are various poses For chakra strengthening of the sacral chakra. Let us have a look at some of the poses of chakra strengthening of kundalini practice For sacral chakra

Bound angle pose

This pose is one of the most amazing poses for balancing the sacral chakra. To perform this first one needs to sit with their spine straight. Now the knees are folded so that the feet touch each other at the center of the body and both the palms are locked at the place where the feet touch each other at the center of the body.

This is an extremely easy posture of yoga that provides amazing numerous benefits. The bound angle pose maintains the body posture as well as makes the mind more aware enhancing the awareness, also it provides good exercise and tones the muscles.

Seated forward bend pose

This is another pose of kundalini practice For sacral chakra. This is an easy posture compared to some of the most advanced forms of yoga. However, this also needs a fair amount of body flexibility and practice to perform rightly and to get all the benefits that are provided by this method.

To do this pose first sit firmly on the ground, with your legs unfolded forward and touching each other, and prepare your body to be stretched. Then gently tilt your body forward so that your hand can reach the feet. Then grab the feet with your hands on either side of the body.

Bhujanga asana

To do this pose lie on the ground with your back facing the ceiling. Then slowly raise the front side of the body so that the raised side of the body will be balanced by the elbow of both hands. Hold this posture for some time and go back to the normal position.

Sacral chakra represents sexual energy as well as creative energy. When one practices yoga postures of sacral chakra, they will have control over their sexual urges and have better creative thinking.

Closing For kundalini practice For sacral chakra

The closing of the yogic procedure should be calm and gentle. The end of the kundalini practice can be done with a few gentle yoga steps and a few minutes of calm meditation. Calm meditation helps to calm and balance the sacral chakra in the body.