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MMala in an unadulterated sense means wastes. The wastes from the body are the Pureesha (feces), Sveda (sweat) and Mutra (urine). Effective elimination is important for health and vigor. Certain tissues produce their own respective Malas. Rasa produces Kapha (Phlegm) – extracted through Nose and Mouth, Rakta produces Pitta (the bile), Mamsa produces the Khamala (the space wastes like Earwax, Boogers), Meda produces sweat, Asthi produces Roma (Body hair) and Nakha (Nails), Majja produces wastes that lubricate eyes and skin. The Shukra through filtrations and re-filtration of tissues through which it is formed is without mala.

Thus in didactically explaining the function of Agni and Mala we see a process – that the body governs – of what chemical changes through which the ingested food goes in order to nourish the body, and also a process of eliminating out the Malas. This helps the body in attaining a balance between nurture and health. If the Agni is misbalanced the definitive effects are seen in the bodily tissues – which respond to an overly active or precipitously low Agni. Violent or dwindled Agni thus should be treated to get the body in a livelier state.