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Nada Yoga (Inner Sound Meditation)

Nada meditation is performed by concentrating on the inner sound which can be heard on our ear but the sound doesn’t have any source outside. Everyone cannot hear the sound. The person who meditates can hear the voice. The sound is very wonderful which cannot be heard in the noisy area. The sound is so beautiful and attractive. The real meditation is to concentrate on God. When we concentrate without any thought, we start to hear the inner sound. The sound can be said the voice of the soul.

Nada meditation tries to connect us with the higher consciousness by the rhythm of the sound. Nada can break all the obstructions in the meditation. The flow of sound can give us unlimited happiness. According to Hindu philosophy, the ultimate goal of a human being is to be liberated from the bound of the world. In the process of getting enlightened, many saints of the ancient time created different mantras. Mantras are also an example of hearing the sound of silence.

In Hindu philosophy, ancient sages focused on the sound. They emphasized citing different mantras in our daily life. The culture of the Hindu community is also dominant by citing mantras. There are a lot of mantras in Hindu culture which encourages us to hear the holy sound. It is believed that when we site mantras making the sound, the vibration of the sound creates positive realities.

When we become habitual in citing mantras we start to hear the sound of mantras automatically. This is the practice of nada meditation. This type of mediation can bring us into a world of wisdom and knowledge.

Benefits Of Nada Meditation

Sound has a great impact on our life. Good sound gives us new energy and bad sound distracts us from our goal. The real sound is the sound which can allure the heart of the people. Nada meditation is a natural way of meditating. In Nada meditation, one tries to hear the sound which has the source unknown.

In the first phase of the meditation, most people cannot hear the sound. When they practice more and more, they start to hear the sound. When they continue again, they can hear the sound very clearly. Nada meditation is such a type of meditation which can lead us to the higher state of being, a higher level of understanding and a higher level of thinking. Aum sound is a very powerful mantra in Hindu philosophy. If we practice the Aum mantra, we can hear the sound of Aum in our meditation. Nada meditation gives us the energy to go ahead in our spiritual goal.

It is believed that Aum is the holy sound of God. If we practice chanting Aum mantra, ultimately we start to hear the holy Aum sound in our meditation. Most of the mantras in Hindu philosophy start from Aum.

Nada meditation is not the different meditation from any other meditation technique but it is the complement of all the meditations. The sound of Nada said to be heard from our heart so this sound is called Anahata Nada. The heart chakra is the powerful chakra which can hear the sound of silence, the sound of divine and sound of heaven.

The ear is our sensory organ which receipts the sound. The ear is the first sensory organ which works at first in the womb of a mother and ear dies at the end after all sensory organs become workless in our death. The ear is so sensitive organ which has an unlimited possibility.

Nada meditation balances our mind and helps us to be free from the stresses. Nada meditation has many benefits. Nada meditation can heal our suppressed feelings and thoughts. This meditation is the best solution for our loneliness. It provides full of strength to overcome our entire journey of life.

It is written in different scriptures that there was the word (sound) at the beginning of the creation. Word was God. So, the inner sound is God itself. If we hear the sound, that will be the way to God. In the path of spirituality, the concept of God becomes more prior. Most of the people of the world seek satisfaction in their life but they cannot get what they search in their life. Nada meditation can be the best achievement for their searching. Nada meditation can satisfy the will of people.

Finding self is the main purpose of meditation. Nada meditation helps us to find our real self. The real self inspires us to connect to the supreme self. The sound of silence is the bliss of our life in the world. The sound is really amazing and really motivating. Nada meditation increases the love of the self. If we can empty our mind by thinking nothing in the silent place, we can hear the sound from the inside.

Nada meditation is an effective way of listening to the sound of silence. This meditation focuses on the inner sound which can be heard when we reach the deeper level of the meditation. Nada meditation is to listen to the sound of the divine. The sound has the energy of cosmos. The sound is the perfect sound in the universe.

Nada meditation balances our materialistic and spiritual life. This meditation gives us decision making power and enables us to take a logical decision. Nada meditation helps us to be grateful for the things that we have. It inspires us to be thankful to the creator of the universe. Nada meditation eliminates our irritations and restlessness behaviours. It motivates us to respect our life, respect the people and even the whole universe. We will not remain the same after starting to hear the sound in our meditation. We will be transformed from our condition and situation.


Nada is the heavenly sound which uplifts us to the Godly good path. The sound can give us extreme pleasure that we cannot describe. The voiceless voice is a real-life experience. When someone can hear the voice in the meditation, he or she wants to get the voice again and again, so it can be the bridge for their higher spiritual growth.