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Revolved Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

In Sanskrit ‘Utkatasana’ means intense, fierce, furious, frightening, wild, or heavy. ‘Parivritta’ means revolved or twisted.

Steps of Revolved Chair Pose:

  • Bend knees, with a long inhalation, stretch both hands upwards. The thighs should be about parallel to the ground.
  • Exhaling, bring both hands in front of the chest joining palms ( in a Namaskar Mudra)
  • Twist the body and hook an elbow on the opposite knee. Twist your head upwards.
  • Stay in the pose 1-3 minutes. If you close your eyes and observe the breaths, it gives more benefits (of meditation too).
  • Repeat the process on the other side as well.

Health Benefits of Parivrtta Utkatasana(Revolved Chair Pose)

  • Release the tension from the mind and body.
  • Boosts confident level.
  • Improves breathing, cultivates internal heat.
  • Promotes the sense of groundedness.
  • Stimulates abdominal organ and heart.
  • Detoxify body and increases positiveness of thought.
  • It enhances digestion and metabolism.


This pose is not ideal for the person suffering from insomnia, headache. Low B.P., ankle or knee injury.

  • Proper guidance is required for the shoulder injury and low back pain.
  • It should not be attempted for a pregnant woman.