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Sleep, food and sex are the invincible urges of human life. Have it less – less happy, have it more – not as expected. It is interesting to note that Nidra (sleep), Ahar (diet) and Abrahmacharya (sex) have been described by Ayurveda under Traya-Upastambha i.e. three pillars of life. It has been stated that by the well-regulated support of these three pillars one can get body with strength, good complexion and proper growth which continues throughout life.

Among these three, here we are going to discuss about sex in accordance with Ayurveda.

What’s There In Ayurveda About Sex?

A comprehensive detailed description on sex has been given by a great author of Ayurveda, Vagbhata. Vaghbata states that during the winter season, the person can indulge in sex daily as much as they like; once in three days in spring and fall; and once every two weeks in the rainy season and summer.

The reason for such a schedule can be understood in terms of oja. Oja is the source of physical strength and immunity, which is formed as the concentrated extract of all dhatus. Shukra (semen), the seventh dhatu, which is ejaculated during sex, is the precedent form of oja. Loss of shukra is thus related to loss of oja. This loss has to be related with physical strength and nutritional status of individual during various season.

During winter, appetite is good and food intake is high. The physical strength of an individual is also good as Kapha will be accumulating in the body during this period. Since nutritional level and physical strength both are in an increased status so sex has been advised as much as the individual likes.

While in summer due to overheat of sun, the physical strength of the individual gets weakened. Similarly, in rainy season due to the vitiation of vata, which is antagonist to kapha, causes decline in physical strength and disturbs the digestive fire too. In this debilitated condition of physical strength and digestion, it is not appropriate to have sex at high rate.

As described in Ayurveda, spring and fall are the season of moderate strength and digestive fire. So sex has been suggested in modest rate.

Mind Your Doshas

If you are kapha predominant, with a strong and stable physique and temperament, you will be able to have more frequent intercourse.

If you are primarily vata, with lean and thin type of body, and a more nervous personality, you would better not indulge in intercourse as often.

For pitta types, moderation is the key. They are somewhere between vigorous kaphas and delicate vatas, so they need to stay temperate in all that they do.

What’s On The Menu?

Simple rule – anything that builds up your oja are to be included and contrary to it are to be avoided. Milk and ghee are the most effective and convenient source to enhance your oja. Keep in mind that enhancing oja also means enhancing Shukra.

Need not to say, Ayurveda is an ore of aphrodisiac medicine.

Some Of The Best Aphrodisiac Are Enlisted Below:

a. Aswagandha (Withania somnifera)
b. Asparagus (Asparagus racemosus)
c. Kapikachchhu (Mucuna pruriens)
d. Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)
e. Saffron (Crocus sativus)
f. Musli (Curculigo orchioides)
g. Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)
h. Puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris)
i. Shilajita (Black bitumen)
j. Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Meat-soup, especially that of chicken, is considered to promote strength and shukra by Ayurveda. Sweet and oily foods are a must.

What To Do Before And After Sex?

  • Hygiene has been given with much importance. So bath has been advised both before and after sex.
  • Before sex, feces and urine should be evacuated if there are urges of bowel and micturition.
  • Hunger should be relieved before sex but over-eating must not be done. Aphrodisiac diet is preferred before sex.
  • Desirous partners should perform sex in solitude and in a serene state of mind.
  • After sex, bath and paste of aromatic substances like – saffron, sandal etc. should be applied.
  • Cooling measures like resting under fan or moonlight is preferred after sex.
  • As per nourishment, diet like – milk, meat-soup, sweet objects, cold water has been advised after sex.
  • Sleep is the best regime to have after sex.

When To Avoid Sex?

  • Physically over-stressed.
  • Mentally not prepared.
  • Worried or tense.
  • Suffering from venereal disease
  • Unwilling partner
  • Unpleasant surrounding
  • Early morning, Mid-day or mid-night
  • During menstruation and pregnancy


Ayurveda has considered shukra as superior amongst all dhatus and the best extract out of the precedent dhatus. The sustenance of shukra results in healthy life and a continuation of healthy generation. So Ayurveda has advised to have sex in an amount that fulfills the desire and keeps mind and body stable. Ayurveda promises that engaging in sex according to the regime recommended, a person will enjoy happiness, longevity, renewed youthfulness, improved mental and physical strength.