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Shankha Prakshalan

We clean our clothes everyday. If the clothes are not washed even for a day, then the clothes become dirty. There is also a 32 feet long intestine in our abdomen. We hardly think of it to clean. Due to this, a layer of microscopic feces is formed on its walls.

Due to the freezing of that layer, the proper process of absorption and expulsion of juices does not happen, due to which diseases like heartburn, indigestion, sour belching etc. arise. Due to the rotting of feces, there is a foul smell in the stomach. The formation of juice is not done properly. When the main system itself gets distorted, then the auxiliary systems like stomach, pancreas etc. also get affected and various types of diseases arise.

Our body is a machine. There is a big wonder among the wonders of the world: who made such a wonderful device? Just as we get instruments, vehicles, watches and other machines completely cleaned and repaired, so that these machines work properly, similarly we should also clean our body like machines. So that this instrument becomes healthy and strong.

Shankha Prakshalan is a cleansing technique that shelters the body from toxins, and other unwanted elements. By this yogic practice, you not only remain healthy but you are safe from many diseases. The traditional name of Shankh Prakshalan is Varisara Dhauti. In Sanskrit “Vari” means “Water”, “Sara” means “essence” and “Dhauti” means “cleansing”.

Shankha Prakshalana– Shankh, means conch, has been used for the intestines because the intestines are also as complex as the inner part of the conch, ‘Prakshalana’ means to clean or wash. Shankha Prakshalan is such a shodhan that cleanses the intestines. But one thing should be kept in mind that conch shell washing should always be done under the supervision of the expert. This purification action is described in the Gheranda Samhita as follows.

आकण्ठं पूरयेद्वारि वक्त्रेणचपिबेच्छनैः

चालयेदुदरेणैव चोदराद्रेचयेदधः |१७|

वारिसारं परं गोप्यं देहनिर्मलकारणम् ।

 साधयेत्तत्प्रयत्नेन देवदेहं प्रपद्यते ।१८।

बारिसारं परां धौतिं साधयेद् यः प्रयत्नतः ।

मलदेहं शोधयित्वा देवदेहं प्रपद्यते । १९ ।

By drinking water from the mouth, fill the stomach till the throat, then it should be removed from the bottom line by moving it. This heir is the most confidential action to purify the body. Those who do this with special effort, they get bodies like gods. Those who diligently perform this Varisara Dhauti: they purify the impure body and attain the divine body.

Procedures for shankha prakshalana

To get the maximum benefit of Shankha Prakshalan, you should understand its steps and method very well. Here you are being told in a simple way how to do Shankh Prakshalan.

First of all, you sit in Kagasan and take at least 2 glasses of lukewarm salty water.

Hatharatnavali mentions the use of water sweetened with jaggery, coconut water or milk water instead of salty water (1/50), which should be taken up to the neck and should hold water and air according to one’s ability.

Immediately after drinking water, practice the asanas given below and do them in the correct sequence.

  • Tadasana
  • Triyaka tadasana side stretching pose
  • Katichakrasana standing spinal twisting
  • Triyaka bhujangasana twisting cobra
  • Udarakarshanasana Abdominal massage
  • epeat the above asanas four times, that is, you have to do it four times to the right and four times to the left.
  • Drink water once again and repeat the above asanas again twice.
  • Be toilet free as soon as you feel like having a bowel movement.
  • First solid, then semi-solid stool will come and finally yellow water will come.
  • After this take one more glass of water and repeat all the four asanas fast. This time only liquid will come in the defecation.
  • Continue taking water and repeating asanas until clear water comes out in the defecation.

In the end, take two or three glasses of plain lukewarm water without salt and do Kunjal Kriya so that the water released from defecation can be stopped.


  • Shankha prakshalan cleanses Internal organs like stomach, liver, kidney and intestines which .
  • Eradication of stomach gas, constipation, acidity, indigestion.
  • .The fat accumulated in the stomach and waist is reduced.
  • It prevents urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
  • This purification also helps in curing chronic disease and disabilities like diabetes, asthma, eczema etc.
  • Skin becomes brighter as the blood is purified.
  • Shankha prakshalan Kriya increases the working power of the brain and brings freshness to the man.


It is very important to know the precautions of conch shells and always keep in mind that this yoga action should be done in front of a yoga expert. Follow the instructions given by the expert.

  • After this yogic practice, avoid sleep for 3 hrs at least.
  • Take rest for 30 to 40 minutes after shankhaprakshalana is done.
  • Avoid drinking cold water after this practice.
  • After the completion of this yogic action, khichdi pudding of moong dal, green gram, rice and ghee, with a pinch of salt should be taken within 45 minutes .
  • Foods like oily foods,sour foods, black pepper,coffee, buttermilk, tea, pickles, tobacco, alcohol and smoking should be strictly prohibited after the completion of this kriya at least for 3 to 7 days.
  • Do not take milk and curd for 24 hours after this action.
  • Shankh Prakshalan should not be done on very cold or too hot days.
  • Patients with high blood pressure, hernia, epilepsy, heart disease and piles should not perform this action.
  • This yogic kriya should be practiced twice a year.