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Ayurveda is a broad system of medicine that provides a way to heal not only your body but also your mind and the soul. The uniqueness of Ayurveda lies in it being the system of medicine that caters the individual need. This individualized approach of healthy living begins with the determination of the individual body type and then directing any or all forms of treatment along the line of the individual. Thus it has been described as a form of “personalized” health and wellness system. This article hopes to create a good segue for the journey into the magnificent world of Ayurveda.

Best 10 Things to do in Ayurveda

1. Getting your “Prakriti” determined

The basic tenet of Ayurveda revolves around what “Prakriti” you are. Prakriti is a body constituency of various doshas. The doshas are primarily three in number – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and these three are present in every individual. However, the percentage of the ratio in which these exists in a single individual may vary. As such, Prakriti can be a good guideline for managing the therapeutics of each individual. In Ayurveda, we are trying to bring any “Vikriti – pathology” towards Prakriti.

2. Getting a Panchakarma procedure

Now you might think why we are revolving into such jargons but there is no better way to describe Ayurveda procedures than in Vedic language. Panchakarma is the process involving five (Pancha) processes (karma). These processes include – Vamana (Ayurvedic emesis), Virechana (Ayurvedic purgation), two types of Vasti (Ayurvedic enema) and Nasya (errhine). These procedures can be therapeutic but also can be taken as a regular cleaning procedure. Ayurveda is a comprehensive system for cleansing the whole body and as BKS Iyengar put it “how can you cleanse your soul without cleansing your body”.

3. Ayurvedic Chakra Healing

The chakras have their origins in the Vedic traditions. These are the tenets through which energy currents and these are very much responsible for adding spice to life. Good chakra equates to good body energetics and a more vitalized and vibrant life. Good chakra health is closely admixed with which level of transgressions or limitations you live your life at. The procedures of Vasti (oil at specific chakra points) and Shirodhara (oil flow through the third eye) helps in managing the positive effects that chakra have in our day to day conduct.

4. Ayurveda spinal care program

If you suffer from having a weak back, a posture that is restrictive, or chronic back pain Ayurveda might provide all the essential answers for you. Good back health is important from numerous reasons – just to give you an example a good back posture (commonly referred to as high power poses) have been shown to lower stress hormones like cortisol and increase beneficial hormones like testosterone. High power poses are those where your back is straightened and you are empowered. Ayurveda and its procedures like Abhyanga, Svedana, Marma massage, Patra Pinda Svedana (leaf massage), Baluka Svedana (sand massage) help you in correcting the problems in your back. Procedures like Anuvasana Vasti (oil enema) help you with relieving muscular and nervous weakness and provide overall positive vibes in your body.

5. Ayurveda for therapeutics

Whether it is for the purpose of healing your back or for the purpose of cleaning your inflamed sinuses, the therapeutic aspects of Ayurveda provide a herbal solution to these problems. Common conditions like lower back pain, upper back pain, knee pain, bloating, acidity, thrush, oral infection, dry eyes, sinusitis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc. can be addressed through the various practices of Ayurveda. In this regards a doctor will look at your symptoms, look whether you have an imbalance in Vata, Pitta, or Kapha and proceed in the therapeutics accordingly.

6. Ayurveda lifestyle

Ayurveda is a form of a holistic system that is not only an effective modality for treatment but also in a modality that you can prescribe yourself to stay healthy. Beginning with the yoga that is directed according to your body type, the guide will also go through various pranayama, meditations, and mantras according to your health state. Ayurveda describes different states of health for different people, thus creating a personalized practice that you can self-administer. Not only is it helpful in this regards but it also creates a distinct guideline for helping you out with the dietary regimen and the daily conscience path that you can take upon yourself to stay healthy.

7. Ayurveda relaxation

As you might have known by now, Ayurveda is a comprehensive system for having a better and healthier life, but Ayurveda also deals with mental health. Ayurveda physicians in ancient time were not only concerned with physical health but also with mental health. To promote mental health Ayurvedic physicians thus invented procedures like “Relaxing massage”, “Shirodhara”, “Chakra-vasti”, “Patra-pinda Sveda” and “Baluka Sveda”. These are forms of external meditation and helps in the inducement of deep relaxation which is healing to the mind, body, and soul.

8. Pre-detox for increasing the body metabolism

Ayurveda has a distinct pre-detox procedure that helps in increasing bodily metabolism. Unlike other detox programs Ayurveda does not require you fast as fasting depresses your metabolism and you might end up gaining instead of losing weight at the end of the detox. Rather Ayurveda goes through a complex combination of “Deepana”, “Pachana”, “Snehana” and “Svedana” this is a novel (yet old) approach and after completion of the procedure, you will not only lose weight but also will have a fiery metabolism.

9. Ayurvedic massage

The concept of Ayurvedic massage, traditionally named “Abhyanga”, is unique than any other forms of massage. Ayurveda primarily relies on Marma treatment to heal bodily conditions. Marmas are the energy centre and the trigger points of the body. A marma massage thus leads to a condition of deep relaxation of not only the body but also the mind, but the benefits of Marma therapy extends beyond the concept of relaxation and is also deeply therapeutic. It thus leads to the holistic healing of various bodily systems.

The concept of massage is not only limited to the concept of marmas but extends into the use of various herbs, plants, and naturally available resources. As such Ayurveda has the concept of using boluses of leaf, sand, salt, and rice depending on what afflicts the physical body. Nepal Ayurveda Home also conglomerates the concept of relaxation massage, four-hand massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and Swedish massage into therapeutic practices.

10. Ayurvedic Beauty Care

The soul becomes enamoured only when you reward and enamour your physical body as well – it is the basic concept of “Panchakosha”. Ayurveda, as a result, provides fabulous combinations of herbs for the healing of various common as well as esoteric skin conditions. Face packs, face masks, and body packs – Ayurveda offers a comprehensive toolkit for the care and cure of your skin naturally.