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Importance of Rosewater in Ayurveda beauty care

What is beauty?

The answer to this question is something that nobody has been able to answer completely. The best answer might be beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. No other sentence comes closer than this in describing the topic of beauty. Beauty is something that has been perused by many but only a few have understood the true meaning of beauty, or such is said.

Humans have discovered or invented many methods by which one can preserve their beauty for a longer period. Some are very modern and use machines and modern medicines, while some are completely natural and use the methods that were discovered thousands of years ago. Even Ayurveda has some methods to make the individual more beautiful and appear the best that they can be. One such method or ingredient in Ayurveda for beauty care is rose water.

Ayurveda is an ancient technique and method that provides a range of solutions to various problems, mainly medicinal. The techniques are centuries old and are very much alive in this medicinal age. Some people might find it odd who believe in modern medicine and devote their lives to the study of science, technology, and scientific facts.

People in the past also have ridiculed and discarded Ayurveda for such reasons, or people who thought it was nonsense. However, various scientific research proved the practices of Ayurveda to be more than just random methods and some practices got backed by science. Now, more and more people are getting attracted to the world of Ayurveda. Ayurveda now had extended from the place of its origin (The ancient Indian sub-continent) and has traveled to the world. People of even the western countries are inclined to use the practices of Ayurveda.

Beauty and what is beautiful?

The world is beautiful because with the right perception anything can be beautiful. Nature is beautiful, there are beautiful animals, scenes, water resources, and many more. Now, let us decrease those boundaries and reduce beauty to humans only. Here also beauty depends on the people’s perception. Human civilization has lived in various parts of the world for thousands of years.

Now, due to the generation of humans living in the various parts of the world for centuries, they developed traits and conditions that were unique to the people that were living there. For example, the people of Africa are very much different in appearance from the people of Korea, the people of Kore are much different than the people of America. The list goes on and the endpoint is people have developed various traits and each standard of beauty differentiates from place to place and being more specific from person to person.

Where humans remain and what body traits and physical features, they may consider beautiful in their society or what views may remain personally on the topic of human traits, there is one common thing among all. All the humans around the globe, no matter what their perception of beauty, is one trait on which they all agree, is youth.

Youth is the period described by humans where they are in their prime, like peak in physical power, glowing skin, the height of reproductive power, and so on. No matter the culture and perception of beauty, youth is the standard for all. No human wants to turn old, wrinkled, and weak in physical and reproductive ability. It is inevitable yet all want to extend their youth as much as they can. No matter what they do it is imminent, but they want ways by which they can extend that period and look young a few times longer.



Rosewater is rose flavored water, and it is prepared by steeping the petals of rose into the water. Nowadays, rose water is a beauty product much in demand. The main reason for rose water to be in such demand is that it is perfectly natural and very much beneficial and can be used for multiple purposes. Beauty routine, aromatic purpose, as well as culinary purpose, rose water has various uses. It also has the use of Ayurveda as a beauty enhancer.

History of rose water

Rose is something that has been associated with beauty since ancient times. Not just in one culture or religion or country but in all the place’s flowers are associated with beauty, love, and delicacy. Even among the flowers, the roses are regarded as their King. Rose is something that has been used to express human emotions and acts as a symbol. The red rose has been the eternal symbol of Love. The other colors of rose also have been used for expressing other emotions such as friendship, apology, gratitude, and so on.

Rose was the symbol of beauty and standard in ancient civilization also. The ancient people also tried the harness the beauty and aroma of the rose as the flower how beautiful may have been would die at one point when plucked and lose its beauty and aroma. People started trying out various methods to preserve the aroma of the rose.

Then it was that time they came with the techniques of rose perfumes and rose water. It is not exactly known who or when invented the technique of making rose water, but historians have made some speculations and one thing is certain it is ancient. Some say that the technique of making rose water originated in Persia. The ancient city of Persia is responsible for gifting the knowledge of rose water to the world. The Persian rose was popular by the name Gulab and sometimes rose water is also known as Gulab Jal.

How to get rose water?

Rosewater is now a popular beauty product one can easily buy from the market. There are various brands of Rosewater that are available in the market. If you feel like it, you can go to the market and buy the brand of rose water that you like.

However, if you do not want to buy industrial rose water, then there is the option of making your rose water. As the process of making rose water is not so difficult and complex, with some effort you can make your rose water at home.

One can make rose water in the home by using the three methods the simmering method, the crushing method, and the distilling method. Among these, the Simmering method is simpler, and one can use this method if one likes to make rose water.

The simple method is the simmering method and one can make rose water in their house by this method. Simmering method, you boil the hand-picked perfect rose petals in distilled water. Then the required volume of water is boiled with rose petals. It is boiled till rose petals lose their colors then after separating that rose water is prepared.

Rosewater and Ayurveda

Ayurveda uses lots of natural ingredients for curing various conditions. Rosewater plays a significant role in Ayurveda and is used for various purposes while the most prime purpose is for beauty purposes. Some of the roles of rose water in Ayurveda are as follows:

For beautiful Aroma

Rose is the source of the beautiful and enchanting aroma. Ayurveda harnesses this power of rose in the form of rose water. A beautiful aroma and fragrance can aid people in lots of ways. The first is that the beautiful aroma of rose sets the mood right. The right mood and beautiful aroma of rose water then like this get rid of the stress and tension. A good and beautiful aroma can lighten the mood of the environment immediately and people can use this power of rose water if they like.

Balancing Vata, Pitta, and Khapa

Vata, pitta, and Khapa are the three doshas that are present in the body of human beings. They are ever-present and are the product of the combination of the various elements that form the human body. Sometimes they become unbalanced and can harm the efficiency of the body in one or more ways.

Rosewater can be used to balance these Doshas in the body. Among the three Pitta is the dosha of the fire element which is as hot as the fire and is responsible for anger, energy, and similar things. Rosewater with its calming power is primarily used to balance this Dosha. However, the other two doshas Khapa and Vata also can be balanced by the use of rose water.

Hair growth and silky hair

Hair is the standard of beauty. Everybody male or female both love their hair. The beauty of hair is associated with feminine and female beauty. However, this is not the case male also love their hair and associate it with their appearance and beauty. The loss of hair and bad hair condition even sometimes throw people into depression and several negative emotions.

Ayurveda says that rose water promotes hair growth and promotes the growth of new hair. Rosewater can be used to maintain good hair conditions. Application of rose water to hair follicles balances the moisture in the hair, controls dandruff, and maintains the healthy condition of the hair scalps.


Skin is the major sector where rose water acts. Ayurveda uses rose water to keep the skin in perfect health and condition. Skin is the largest sense organ of our body and covers all portions of our body from outside except in the eyes. Most of the beauty and maintaining the beauty depends on the skin. There are some factors by which we determine the age of an individual.

After the bone and body size reaches the maximum skin is by which we determine the age of an individual. The smooth, clear, and fresher the skin, the dryer the person dry, wrinkles and duller the skin more the age of the person. So, skin plays a lot of roles in maintaining the beauty of the individual. Ayurveda uses rose water to maintain the good health of the skin. What may be the problem of the skin rose water is for the rescue.

Acne, old age, dull skin, oily skin, blemishes, whatever may be the problem of the skin rose water is here for the rescue. Also, there is not much to do, one just needs to apply a little bit of rose water into their skin gently before going to bed or in the morning. This is all one needs to do to keep one’s skin healthy and radiant. Rosewater also acts as a skin toner aiding to keep the skin young, radiant, and healthy.

Dark circles

Dark circles are the irritating black patches that appear around our eyes. Dark circles diminish the beauty of the person. They make the face appear dull and diminish the shine of the person highly. Even a beautiful face can lose its glow highly if dark circles appear around its eyes.

No matter how one looks at it dark circles make one look unattractive and unhealthy. They appear as a person is under a lot of stress, facing some mental issues, lack of sleep or the body is very weak and overdoing physical activities. Whatever the cause of the appearance of dark circles, if they appear it is hard for them to go back sometimes. If dark circles are your problem, then Ayurveda with its rose water is there for the rescue. Applying a little bit of rose around the eyes before bed can do wonders for the removal of the dark circles around the eyes.

Radiant lips

Beautiful and radiant lips are an essential part of beauty. Beautiful radiant lips have been considered a symbol of beauty for a long time. Sometimes the radiance of lips can be lost by numerous factors. The lips can even lose radiance if the person is ill. The lips immediately lose their charm and look ill. Pollution can also diminish the beauty of the lips even more if the person uses cigarettes and tobacco. Even if that is the condition rose water can come to the rescue. Application of rose water in the lips gently can in time get back the radiance of the lips that may have been lost to cigarettes, tobacco, or some illness.